Impacts of Four Title V, Section 510 Abstinence Education Programs Comprehensive Sex

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Comprehensive Sex Education is More Effective at Stopping HIV Infection Spread

Point-by-Point Comparison of Comprehensive and Abstinence-Only Sex Education

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Abstinence-Only Programs Fall Short of Teens' Needs
One reason why abstinence-only programs don't do much to prevent teen sexual activity is because abstinence can mean different things to teens than it does to adults
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-US News and World Report, August 21, 2008
Davis STD rates down for 1st time in 10 years
Educating the population most at risk for sexually transmitted diseases seems to be working, even if that education is limited.
Davis County is seeing a decrease in...
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-Ogden Standard Examiner August 13, 2008
Teaching the birds and the bees: Instructors can get stung
"What we really have is a lot of fear. Fear leads to silence, which isn't what the state policy calls for"
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-The Salt Lake Tribune June 9, 2008